Wanda Wilkerson is a woman that knows what it is to experience the power of God in her life. At the tender of 12 years old, she was introduced to heroin and began a journey that took on a 14-year addiction that literally cost her life. While laying comatose for eight days after brought from the dead she life was forever changed during an encounter she had with the Lord, Jesus Christ.

In 1997 the Spirit of the Lord spoke to Apostle Wanda Wilkerson and gave her mandate to raise an army for Him that would become active participants in His kingdom. Since then she has begun to raise warriors that know how to ascend in worship and descend in warfare.

Throughout the body of Christ God is raising a remnant of believers that have anointed to finish the work that their forefather couldn't.

In every city, state and geographical God has men and women that He has anointed to be the watchmen and gatekeepers.

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Wanda Wilkerson Ministries believes in ministering to the total man,God has given Wanda Wilkerson a vision and a mandate to reach mankind through the Word of God; to bring deliverance, salvation, and knowledge of who they are in Christ Jesus.


If you are interested in aspect of the prophet, have the gift of prophecy or called to the office of the prophetic or operating in the office of a prophet Apostle Wanda Wilkerson is offering two courses on the prophetic. 

Apostle Wanda has operated in the office of a prophet for 25 years. The prophecies that she has were accurate and some many come to pass.  

God has given the mandate to bring character, integrity, and honesty back to the prophets. Many who come and sat under teaching have received impartation and activation of their prophetic gifts.

The Gift of Prophecy: PROP 101

The Office of the Prophet: PROP 102

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Apostle-Dr. Wanda Wilkerson is profilic teacher and preacher. As she teaches and preaches God's word under the power and  authority of Jesus Christ thousands upon thousand have been blessed the ministry God has made her a steward over.

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