Wanda Wilkerson is a woman that knows what it is to experience the power of God in her life. At the tender of 12 years old, she was introduced to heroin and began a journey that took on a 14-year addiction that literally cost her life. While laying comatose for eight days after brought from the dead she life was forever changed during an encounter she had with the Lord, Jesus Christ.


Wanda Wilkerson was born in Spanish Harlem, January 1956.  At the age of 11 she and her family moved to Brooklyn. One year later her journey to hell quickly ensued. At the tender age of 12, she was introduced to heroin. This addiction would keep her bound for the next fourteen years. At twenty-three, she suffered a stroke. At the age of twenty-five, she was scheduled for a “minor operation” involving simple surgical procedures. But during her surgery, Wanda Wilkerson died on the operation table and was revived. She did not immediately recover. She remained comatose for seven days after the surgery.


During the time that she was in the coma, she had a divine encounter with the LORD. This encounter forever changed her life.  Within a year’s time, by the miraculous power of God, she was divinely delivered from fourteen-year drug addiction. It wasn’t necessary for her to attend Narcotics Anonymous (N.A.) meetings or receive secular counseling or therapy. From the time of her “deliverance,” Wanda Wilkerson began a new journey in life. She walked closely with the LORD allowing Him to order her steps. In 1985, she was called into the ministry as an Evangelist. Nine years later, she was promoted to the office of an Elder. In 1996, Wanda became the Pastor of the Church of Restoration for ten years then once again God promoted to the Office of an Apostle. In 2006 she received a mandate from the Lord to leave New York City where she was born and had spent most of her life and move to North Carolina. Then her and husband obeyed the voice of the Lord. Since they have been in North Carolina God has them to open TCOR Apostolic International Ministries, an accredited Bible Institute, an Apostolic Prophetic Training Center and an Apostolic Network.