Reaching the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ is a big job.  Unfortunately, it cannot be done alone with willing covenant partners that will help her fulfill what He has called her to do. And now she solicits you to garner your support to stand in unison with her as go forth doing the will of God.

Your financial support will enable her to fulfill what God has called her to do. As you join hands with her in the ministry, she will able to do more than she could ever do alone, to bring the message of salvation and deliverance to this generation.  When you covenant with Wanda Wilkerson Ministries partnership and sharing the vision God has given her and join forces you become a part of what she has been called to do.

Together, through your financial support, faith, and prayer, Wanda Wilkerson can reach this world with the uncompromised declared Word of God.  Together, with your help, she can impact communities, neighbors, cities and prayerfully, even nations.


Therefore, in the interest of furthering the gospel through kingdom-building, I would consider it an honor and awesome privilege to extend a personal invitation to you, to sow a monthly financial seed of $25,00 or more into the ministry God has placed in my hands.  By doing so, you partner along with me as we lock hands together to challenge and change the world for Christ.




Yours Because of Christ,

Sow a Seed Offering